The Future of Monarchy in a Divided Britain?

The Future of Monarchy in a Divided Britain?

The British Royal Family is made up of the monarch, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Anne. Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch and she has reigned for over sixty years.

This section will explore the history of the British Royal Family, its members and their roles in society. It will also highlight how succession works through examining recent events such as Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle.

The British royal family has been around for centuries, and the world has come to know the family as an eloquent group that is well-spoken and knowledgeable.

The royals are privileged, but they are also seen as a respectable figurehead for the country. The Queen of England is admired by many people for her sense of duty and level-headedness.

Royalty often have a higher quality of life than most, but their lives are not always easy. They are expected to lead by example, which can be difficult when they are faced with tough decisions or scandals.

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